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It's About Relationships
A Message from Dr. Roy A. Smith
PCS Founder and CEO
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Pennsylvania Counseling Services is an organization dedicated to helping others by utilizing the method and manner which best fits the therapist and client. We approach our work and our world with professionalism, a variety of treatment approaches, flexibility and humor. We encourage individual styles within our operational structure because therapy is an art, and the road to healing a process which is different for each individual.



Pennsylvania Counseling Services (formerly Pennsylvania Psychological Services) began as a sole proprietorship in 1983 out of the home of Roy and Jan Smith. By the efforts of many, those small beginnings have grown to 17 mental health and addiction clinics serving seven counties in south-central Pennsylvania. The company changed to its current name in 1993 and incorporated in 1995.



Dr. Smith serves as the corporation's founder and CEO. He chairs the Executive Board consisting of members of management who meet weekly to plan and steer corporate strategy and operations.

In addition, Dr. Smith directs the entire management team during regular meetings to discuss changes and challenges facing the parts as well as the whole of Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Inc.