Opioid Use Disorder
Center of Excellence

Pennsylvania Counseling Services (PA Counseling) became an Opioid Use Disorder Center for Excellence (OUD-COE) because we have watched the heroin epidemic and associated overdose deaths ravage our clients, families and communities and feel compelled to do more to prevent these senseless losses.


Our mission statement best summarizes the driving force behind the services we provide - “People are valuable.  Therefore, PA Counseling exists to help children, adults, and families discover their greatness.” We believe it is imperative to recognize and address the variety of complex issues that our clients and their loved ones struggle with on a regular basis and the futility of attempting to isolate and treat just one aspect of the issue. PA Counseling’s approach is holistic in nature and cognizant of the interconnected nature of emotional, psychological, and physical health as it relates to problems associated with substance use and addiction. We are person-, family-, and recovery-oriented and are dedicated to providing hope and optimism.


Our designated Opioid Use Disorder Centers of Excellence programs in York and Dauphin Counties allow us to reach out to individuals living with an opiate addiction in the community and to help navigate complex systems as they make their way on their recovery journey


We want to help individuals using opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine, and Opium) or opioids (Methadone, Tramadol, hydrocodone/Vicodin/Lorcet/Lortab, Demerol, Duragesic/fentanyl, oxycodone/OxyContin/Percocet/Percodan, hydromorphone/Dilaudid) find hope, meaning, and purpose in their lives.  Just to provide some idea as to how our COE team can assist in helping individuals with a Opioid use find and maintain a meaningful recovery.


  • We have Care Navigators that will help link up with medical and treatment services including substance abuse, mental health, primary care, medication assisted treatment for addiction, pain management, dental, eye care, etc.
  • The Care Nav and Rec Specialist will help the individual identify areas of need and provide support and assistance in developing a plan to resolve needs such as housing, childcare, education/vocational skills, employment, transportation, clothing and food, health insurance, and recovery friendly recreation and activities.
  • The peer Recovery Support Specialist/Certified Recovery Specialist can assist in establishing health recovery support network in the community.
  • Care Nav and Rec Specialist can provide education, information, and support regarding addiction and recovery to individuals struggling with an opioid addiction, family members, agencies, and community groups.
  • Care Nav and Rec Specialist can meet individuals out in the community or at their location (including rehabs) to assist in transitioning to the next level of care.
  • Assist in re-establishing and improving family and significant relationships.


How to make a referral

Anyone struggling with an opiate addiction and living in York or Dauphin counties can participate in the Opioid Center of Excellence. Referrals can be made by calling the Opioid Centers of Excellence directly or by completing an online referral below.  Upon receiving a referral, a member of the COE Care Management team will reach out to meet with the identified individual face-to-face within 24-hours to talk with them about recovery, the COE, the available services, and the next steps. This meeting may take place within a facility the individual is preparing to depart whether it be medical, inpatient treatment for substance use or mental health, or criminal justice. It may also take place in the community, at their home, physician’s office, or another location.



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