Outpatient Services


PCS offers outpatient services in a variety of locations across Pennsylvania’s South Central Region. Outpatient services are intended for individuals who possess the skills and supports necessary to recover without a more intensive treatment program such as hospitalization or residential support. Outpatient services can also be supportive following discharge from more intensive forms of care.


Therapists assess a client’s mental health needs while psychiatrists, as licensed medical doctors, evaluate a client’s need for medication. When applicable, psychiatrists will prescribe and monitor medications.


PCS Outpatient Services assist individuals and families in the following ways:


  • Services focus on a full range of emotional and behavioral issues and are available for children and adults of all ages
  • Through a collaborative process between client and therapist, the specific needs of each client are carefully considered and treatment goals are identified
  • Therapists focus on the gifts/strengths of each client
  • Treatment interventions often target difficulties related to anxiety, depression, socialization, confidence, and self esteem
  • Ongoing therapeutic interventions support and guide the client in his/her day-to-day lives
  • Both individual and family sessions are available


Guided by individualized treatment plans, outpatient sessions provide a structured and supportive environment whereby personal growth and enhancement of life skills can occur.


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